10 Great Ways to Make More Room in Your Kitchen

Most of us are guilty of collecting kitchen gadgets and appliances that end up collecting dust in our kitchen. The problem is when you have a small kitchen, it really does waste much needed storage space. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to gut your kitchen and undergo extensive kitchen remodeling to make more space. All you need is some creativity and a DIY attitude to create extra room in your kitchen. Get some inspiration on how to work with what you’ve got with these 10 tips.

  1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

First things first, do a kitchen inventory clean-up of everything. If you find a slow cooker that you’ve never even touched or you have one too many fridge magnets, get rid of it (or donate it). There’s no point in wasting precious space in the kitchen if you’ve got so little to start with. Don’t forget about the bazillion plastic shopping bags piling up or those cookbooks you never opened. Those should go too!

  1. Make Use of The Space on Top of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have some space in between your cabinets and ceiling? This is a perfect storage area for you to store things up high. Think about putting items that you use once in a while up here so it’s not a pain to reach for them when you need them.

  1. Use the Oven as Storage

Avid bakers may hate this idea, but if you rarely use your oven, then go ahead and make use of that space. Store your kitchen pots and pans on the oven racks. Take them out whenever you do decide to crank up the oven.

  1. Install a Pegboard Wall

Aside from her food and recipes, Julia Child has inspired a convenient design tip for all of us: hanging pots and pans on a pegboard wall. No longer do you have to waste time digging through cupboards; you can see what you need right in front of you with a pegboard wall. This is also a great way to show off your cookware, especially if they’re attractive or eye-catching.

  1. Store Your Spices on the Fridge With Magnets

Spice racks can take up a good chunk of counter space, especially if you’ve got multiple jars. Magnetic spice jars will make all the difference in freeing up your limited counter space as they can stick right on your fridge. These are definitely some fridge magnets that you want to keep and stock up on.

  1. Install Hooks on Walls

Whenever and wherever possible, install hooks on the walls to take advantage of every surface that you can. Kitchen appliances will literally be in grab-and-go reach with this little trick.

  1. Use the Insides of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Don’t think that you have no more space to work with when your cabinets are full. Get creative with the insides of your kitchen cabinet doors. There are plenty of ways to do this—think about installing hooks, corkboards or magnetic boards on the insides of the doors. This way, you can store items like cloth and small kitchen appliances.

  1. Get a Kitchen Cart for Multi-Purpose Use

Invest in a kitchen cart, ideally with wheels, if you’ve got enough space to do it. They look great and can be extremely practical. Kitchen carts can store anything from  oils and vinegars, to glassware and spices. You can also use it as a bar cart when you have guests over. The convenient thing about this cart is you can wheel it out of the kitchen for extra room when it’s not in use.

  1. Ditch Your Knife Block

Magnets are just too handy, especially when it comes to maximizing storage in a small kitchen. Like spice racks, knife blocks eat up counter space that you need. You’ll have to first mount the strip on your wall and then you can safely hang your knives.

  1. Hang Pots & Pans From the Ceiling

You don’t need a fancy, French kitchen to be able to hang pots and pans from the ceiling. Find an appropriately sized pot rack that fits your space. Choose any colour from black to copper for the rack.  As long as you have enough height in your kitchen, then this trick should help in making some extra room.

As long as you’re willing to reconfigure a couple of things within your kitchen, you can certainly create extra room. It’ll make cooking a lot faster and easier, and your kitchen’s appearance will be bumped up a notch!

10 Great Ways to Make More Room in Your Kitchen


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