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DoorHelper specialists will professionally install, as well as repair locks and doors of all types. Craftsmen are highly qualified and have accumulated vast experience, so they provide comprehensive services for the maintenance of locking systems of all designs, including the latest models. We have been working around Toronto and the GTA since 2011.

Iron Door Lock Installation

There are two key aspects to the problem of putting a lock in a metal door. The first is how to choose a quality lock, and the second is how to properly perform a lock mortise. After all, every homeowner wants the work to be done correctly, otherwise the lock will not last and will be useless.

The question of replacing the lock may arise when the old one is broken, you can also mortise a new lock in place of the old one. But replacing the lock in a regular door will not cause many men any special difficulties, but to put a lock in a metal door – here there are questions.

Choosing a lock for the metal door

The choice of a lock is a key stage in preparation for the job. Locks for the iron door have a high cost, but this does not mean that you need to buy the most expensive one. It is better to stop your choice on the one that has a medium price range. Today there is a very large selection of both manufacturing companies and varieties of locks themselves. Of course, you need a high level of reliability of such a lock.

The very installation of the lock

  • Before you start the work you should make a marking.
  • The place of the lock is usually close to the place of the door handle because it has a well for the keys.
  • You put the lock to the place where you would like to install it, then trace the outline of the lock, for example with an awl.
  • Do not forget to mark the hole for the key.
  • Next, the marking is made on the side of the door trim, using an angle piece, marking the thickness of the purchased lock.
  • The next step is to prepare a socket for the lock case. For this you will need a drill bit, the diameter of the drill bit should match the thickness of the lock.
  • Drill a hole, bring the size to the right dimensions with a chisel. The socket should not be larger or smaller, the lock should fit closely into it.
  • When the socket is ready – it’s time to mark out the front plank. With the same chisel you cut a recess. It should fully fit the front plank of the lock.
  • The locking bar is cut into the door jamb, on the opposite side.

The final stage of installation

After completing all the preparatory steps, you need to cover the door and measure the distance from the surface of the door to the transom. This is how you mark the exact distance of the locking bar location. Next, you finish cutting in the door with a drill a place for the locking elements.

For the lock to last a long time, you need to clean it. To do this, you can put it in clean gasoline, and then use the key to turn the mechanism several times.

The experts of metal door locks advise to strengthen the lock with armor plates when inserting the lock. This way you will protect your lock from burglaries and possible emergencies.

Nowadays most modern entrance doors are equipped with locks during the producing process. Although there are cases when a person is satisfied with all the parameters of the chosen door except for the lock. In this case, the best solution of the problem is to install a new, more reliable door lock on the door. The customer can choose to install the lock in place of the old one or add a new one to the existing system.

When buying a new front door, it is worth consulting with the seller to see if the door is equipped with a sufficiently secure door lock. It may be a good idea to have a new, more secure lock installed on your front door right away. Or you could consider adding another lock to the standard, simpler lock. This can be quite convenient and practical in the event that during the day, when everything is in place you quickly close the door on a simple lock, but when you sleep, or when you go on vacation you can close the door on a more secure and sophisticated door lock.

Today, one of the most demanded and popular services that our firm provides can safely be called the installation of locks in Toronto and the GTA. In some cases, you should consider installing a new lock. The most common reasons for installing locks in Toronto and the GTA may be:

  • lock breakage;
  • Increased burglary protection relative to the old unreliable lock;
  • Theft or loss of keys to the front door;
  • physical wear and tear of the lock;
  • moving to a new apartment or house.

A few words in conclusion

We do our work with pleasure and have a lot of experience. We are happy to add our company to Renovationpro. We hope this will make us more popular and we will be able to help even more people. Get in touch, we’re available 24 hours a day!

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