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Fly Movers

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Fly Movers provides freight transportation throughout Charlotte, North Carolina and the entire United States. We have been operating since 2019 and are already well established in the carrier market. We have a staff of 15 people, all of whom are professionals.

Relevance of trucking in Charlotte and North Carolina

Life in the big city requires moving passengers, small and large packages. The first can cope with passenger cars, for the latter need specialized, designed for the weight and volume, machinery. Transport company Fly Movers has at its disposal a large fleet of cars, as well as a staff ready to receive, pack, secure, deliver to a specified point of any entrusted baggage.

We are approached if you need such transportation and movers, number and contacts of the service of urgent transportation, movers with a truck, where the calculation and execution of the cab for the move is carried out under the contract, and the price and cost is formalized legally online with a detailed check, what amount and for what machine (microcargo, truck, refrigerator) was listed. With legal entities signed one-time and permanent partnership contracts. There is a program of discounts, promotions.

Freight cab is called to move to the cottage, as well as housewarming within the city, for delivery and transportation by truck service of large purchases or removal of the utilized belongings. To clarify the details, to order the service or hire a mini car with a loader or movers, just call or place an order for transportation with a callback manager on the site, and at the appointed time the service will send a cab car to the specified address Charlotte and North Carolina, will transport furniture, item, a number of goods or equipment in Charlotte and North Carolina.

Fly Movers will be able to quickly find a performer, specify which truck cab will go to the order to transport goods to the family deciding to move to Charlotte and North Carolina today in a mini truck.

How is the safety of cargo?

  • Property type, weight, fragility, its size;
  • Evaluation data and safety requirements;
  • The distance of the planned move;
  • The need to descend, climb to the floors;
  • Additional features of the vehicle;
  • Timing of the task; Combinability of schedules.

When making out an oversized transfer, an employee will clarify the intricacies of the request.

Ancillary services will be added to the hourly rate. The carrier will have a small truck for delivery, to deliver cargo to Charlotte and North Carolina at a low price, not very expensive, the company will offer a multi-ton freight transport cab to transport furniture online, there is an opportunity to order trucks for the delivery of a bulk batch of things, Place an order and hire a truck for relocation and cargo transportation by car with a preliminary calculation of the price of services and the cost of delivery, find and call for a truck transfer for urgent cargo transportation, if formed burning delivery, and all services are always favorable rates.

A small conclusion

We are happy to list our company on Renovationpro. We hope to benefit even more people, because every day many citizens need to move or transport important and valuable things. We will be happy to provide our services to our customers! And today we are in search of a good driver for our company. As you understand, we need a driver of the appropriate category who has the right to drive a truck.

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