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How to start writing a text: the 4 questions you should answer before you begin

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Do you want to know how to start writing a text?

The answer to this question has nothing to do with grammar rules or persuasive writing tricks.

The best way to start a text is to think before writing or looking for help writing an essay. Put down your pen or keyboard and spend a few minutes answering these four questions, and you will see how your productivity will soar!

What is the subject of the text?

The first thing you should be clear about is what the text is going to be about. Define the main topic and the subtopics you want to address. I recommend that you prepare a kind of outline with those topics and subtopics because they will be the basis of your text.

If you use those subtopics as headings or titles of the different sections, it will be much easier for you to fill in the sections afterward.

Let’s take this blog article as an example. Once I had decided on the topic (what to do before I started writing), I defined the subtopics I wanted to address: the subject of the text, its objective, the target audience/reader and the communication channel. These subtopics helped me to divide the article into sections. In other words, divide the text into smaller parts to make it easier to focus on each of them.

You will see how it speeds up your writing process.

What is the purpose of the text?

What are you writing for? Define the purpose of the text: to inform, to teach, to entertain, to connect, to sell a product or service?

You must keep that goal in mind at all times while writing so that you don’t get sidetracked.

Let’s take the example of a blog article whose goal is to get readers to download a template. If you have to ask your reader only one thing, what will it be: do you want them to leave a comment or do you want them to download the template? Remember the purpose of the writing and you will get everything you communicate right.

Who is your audience?

In other words: to whom is the text addressed and how are you going to talk to the reader? Your relationship with them, the channel you use to communicate and the purpose of the text will define how you express yourself.

Are you going to use a formal or informal register, will you address the reader in singular or plural, can you give a touch of humor to the text or would it be out of place?

When you write, stop thinking about yourself and focus on who you want to be read, what relationship you have with that person, and what they are looking for.

Through what channel are you going to communicate?

Writing a script for a video is not the same as writing an article for a blog, an email or an article for publication in a scientific journal. Therefore, the channel will affect several aspects of your writing, including the structure of the text.

On the Internet you will find endless resources and examples of the different textual typologies, so you have no excuse! Get informed and create a text suitable for your channel and your reader.

If you write content for the Internet, such as blog articles, you may be interested in these 5 tips for writing a blog and these 3 formulas for writing content with guaranteed success.

If you have a clear answer to these questions, now you can start. The result will be a more coherent text written in less time.

If you need the help of a professional copywriter, either for writing or proofreading, don’t hesitate to send us a message, we’d love to talk about your project!

And if you prefer to get this information on video, I recommend that you check out this free course to improve your written expression. From how to organize and correct your own texts to the most common mistakes, I hope you find it useful!

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