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Plus Appliance Repair

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Plus Appliance Repair repairs small and large appliances. We operate in Toronto and the GTA. Our team are truly renovation professionals in their field! We repair completely different appliances, whether it’s a refrigerator, washing machine, oven, coffee maker, or anything else.

We would like to present our services on the example of refrigerator repair, as this is a very popular service in our company.

So, timely repair of the refrigerator gives you such benefits, as:

  1. Significant savings on grocery shopping. If your refrigerator isn’t running smoothly, you constantly have to throw some of it away. If you count it all in real money, you get a significant amount per month. Why should you waste extra money – just keep your appliances in good working order and you’ll save up to 20% of your food budget!
  2. Keep your kitchen clean and fresh. Some refrigerator breakdowns result in bad smells, leaks and freezes. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day and deserve to be comfortable and enjoy being there. Enjoy cooking and don’t let bad smells, malfunctions, or rattling noises distract you!
  3. Save on repairs and maintenance. With malfunctions of any kind – the sooner they are fixed, the cheaper it will cost you. Order repairs at our service center and you will avoid the high costs of buying new equipment or neglected breakdowns.

Repair of household appliances must be carried out by certified service center masters, not private individuals-customers, otherwise it could lead to more damage and more expensive repair work. A “private refrigerator repairman” can not only install a substandard part, but also “accidentally” break something that was already working.

Why come to us for refrigerator repair in Toronto?

  • A true warranty. We use only certified materials and components, modern technology and tools that provides quick and economical repair failures with minimal interference in the work of the technique. That is why we give a generous warranty on each completed service. You can really trust us.
  • Comfortable Service. We repair refrigerators at home, only sometimes you may need to transport equipment or parts to our workshop. Our specialists will not only quickly and qualitatively eliminate the breakage, but also answer all of your questions about maintenance and proper operation of appliances. In addition, if necessary, will instruct on the proper use of household appliances.
  • Promptness. We understand how important it is for you to make all appliances work “like clockwork” so we are ready to fix it in the shortest possible time! Sometimes we even work on Sundays.

We’re happy to sign up for Renovationpro. We hope it benefits our business and customers. We look forward to new contacts and orders!

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