How to install glass tiles

Mosaic tiles are everywhere at the moment, and your clients may have been asking you more and more in recent months to install them as part of your design. But achieving a professional finish on mosaic tiles does require a little know-how and, as your clients are paying you to give them that professional finish, it’s important that you get it right. So with that in mind, here are our top tips for obtaining that all important professional finish when installing mosaic tile sheets for your clients:

Choosing mosaic tiles

When consulting your clients for the first time, it’s important to get a feel for the look they’re trying to achieve. This is particularly important if they want to use the mosaics as a border to a bigger tile, or as a feature design within the bigger tiles, as you’ll need to make sure that the two types of tiles complement each other.

A simple way of obtaining an upmarket look, which will automatically create a professional finish to the overall design, is by using a natural stone mosaic tile within the bigger scheme of tiles. Travertine natural stone mosaic tiles are excellent all-rounders which are neutral in colour and will complement any other type of tile they are matched with.

Cutting mosaic tile sheets

Part of the beauty of mosaic tiles is the fact that there is less cutting involved in comparison to using large scale tiles. Sometimes, however, cuts to the mosaic tile sheets do need to be made; when cutting mosaic tile sheets, you should always either cut from the back through the mesh with a utility knife or from the top down with scissors, but be aware that using scissors does not give such a clean cut.

As much as possible, try to avoid cutting the tiles themselves, as this is not easy to do, and could scupper a professional finish. If you do need to cut the tiles themselves, as a professional tradesperson it is always best to invest in the best possible rail cutter or tile nibbler that you can afford, as this is what will help you to keep your work looking professional.

Embedding mosaic tile sheets

When it comes to laying mosaic tiles, this is where keeping your work looking professional can get tricky. If installing mosaic tiles over a large area, plan how you will lay the mosaic tile sheets; you should always try to stagger the join of the sheets so that the tiles still appear to be traditional, individual mosaic tiles rather than modern mosaic tile sheets.

Remember that although you are using mosaic tile sheet which are on a mesh back, the mesh is flexible so there is still a certain amount of movement to the tiles, and you should make sure that your mosaics are straight and exactly as you want them before fixing.

And finally, go easy on the grout: unlike large scale tiles, where you only have four edges to clean, remember that with mosaic tiles you could potentially have hundreds of edges to clean and an overuse of grout will take your work from chic to shabby in an instant.

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If you’ve got a mosaics job coming up and need a bit of help to lift your work from good to expert, visit the Ceramic Tile Warehouse for advice and inspiration. We’ll be able to offer you a range of mosaic tiles for you to offer to your clients in turn, and we’ll be happy to help with any mosaic tile sheet questions you may have.

Don’t forget that if your clients do want to go down the natural stone route, the tiles collections, also part of the ORRO Artistic Tiles triangle, can help with natural stone tiles both large and small. And if it’s a kitchen or bathroom that you’re installing, why not look at the range available to you at ORRO Artistic Tiles Toronto? With the help of the ORRO Artistic Tiles, your work will always have the professional edge your clients are paying you for.

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