Laminate over hardwood flooring

Even though the finished product could have a similar look, hardwood and laminate are truly very structurally different. This creates the way that you simply install, fix and clean them vary. Both have an inventory of the pro’s & con’s, so if you’re looking to install both of these items in your home, it’s important that you simply realize the differences and benefits to each.

Hardwood flooring is made from 100% timber, where as laminate is constructed of fiberboard having a photographic routine positioned on top. The levels are merged together under a transparent protective layer that provides durability and moisture protection. Because of this, laminate can occasionally be mistaken with engineered hardwood, but again, they’re 2 completely different commodities.

While wood floors is the more genuine choice and contains a longer life, laminate floors is normally the less expensive option. Both are very long-lasting, with laminate being less susceptible to scratches and easier to wash. Wood on the other hand can be re-surfaced every 10-20 years to eliminate any marks, scratches or dents on the surface. The endurance for laminate is about twenty years, but hardwood can be as many as 75 years, determined by its width of it and just how several instances this has been been re-finished. Each time hardwood is re-finished, it requires a a skinny layer of the timber off, and many hardwood floorings might be sanded and refinished 3-4 times before it requires to be replaced totally.

Most wood interlocks together, and is best installed by way of a professional or experienced DIYer. Laminate ordinarily clicks together as well, but for just about any repairs on damaged laminate though, bits would have to be fully replaced, where as wood might be mended by sanding and re finishing. Either way, it is always a great training to buy additional flooring for almost any necessary repairs, notably in the instance of laminate. You never know when you’ll wish to knock-out a wall or do other home refurbishments that can lead to damaged floors!


  • Really budget-friendly, together with the appearance of solid wood with no hardwood cost
  • Great for do it yourself jobs as parts simply click into place
  • Doesn’t scratch readily
  • Fixing are simple, you can change one board if required
  • May be installed over concrete or other surfaces
  • Allergens can be kept to a minimum


  • Lavish styles and appearance
  • Available in many unique woods, stains, grains and patterns
  • May boost the worth of any house
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo hardwood is currently accessible
  • Engineered hardwood could be installed on concrete
  • Distinct hardwood species vary in durability and resiliency
  • Walnut, walnut and pear are among the most scratch/dent resistant

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